there’s a difference between يستحق and يستأهل

Simply think about the difference between حقوق versus مؤهلات.  That will get you 90% of the way there.

acquaintances is معارف.  That was your first guess , while the 2nd guess was misspelled.

صدر is what a kitaab does.  أصدر is what the publisher does! Wazan four. Got it? Yes.

news media rarely if ever comes in the singular وسيلة الإعلام.  Use the plural.

Guess what يقترح doesn’t have to use a ب.    It’s enough to just say اقترح له شيئا

glue “ghire”   is amiyya NEVER fus7a. For fus7a say لاصق   And for wiping up spilled glue say إزالة اللاصق. Interesting. Izaala is broader than i knew.

a fine is not “directed” towards someone. Collocation: a fine is فرض on the person.

mujaawira    isn’t followed by الى. but rather, ل.

All in all though , went well inshallah.

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