Come to terms w/ sth

  • Reading about attachment and commitment therapy, one interesting suggestion is to mirror the client’s language. This could be helpful for communication in general. Approach each conversation with someone you don’t know like a blank slate, like yeou’re learning language almost from scratch. And start picking up terms and phrases and patterns in their speech. Then, insofar as you can present your own ideas through the framework of the other person’s language patterns, they are likely to understand you better. Chameleonic communication..

تخيلو .. لو تغيرت الثقافة والجو وكافة الأوضاع ليس ناتجا عن الانتقال مسافة طويلة لا مسافة ستنميتر!

Stylistic thing

Sometimes when i want to say “more” , it’s overkill in arabic .

I’ll respond in more detail.

هالرد بالتفاصيل- مصري

سوف ارد بالتفاصيل- فصحى

بدي رد بالتفاصيل -شامي

Comparatives too- I’ve noticed that sometimes I should Keep It Simple Stupid.

Here’s a thing relating to pronunciation that hasn’t crossed your mind in a good minute

The Arabic ف sound involves more attention and tightness in the lips than English f

What if i did away with the illusion that any Arabic letter corresponds to any English setter

I think then my pronunciation could improve

However there is still the matter of BS like شعاع، نعناع etc hahaha.