Notes on a simultaneous interpreting lesson

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Notes on Shou Fi Ma Fi

p147 to 220.

in the Levant, it’s better to say minkhaar instead of انف. The latter is higher register.

When you say الحق مع شخص ١ وعلى شخص ٢ , the latter preposition means not “on” but rather “against”. That should be clear from the context.

But no! Sometimes the context is not clear. الحق عليهن. This should be interpreted idiomatically. Do NOT bother saying “right” or “the truth” – say this: “They are wrong.”

مخفر درك – an old Lebanese/Levantine term for police station. the term derk comes from Turkish

barber shop. صالون حلّاق – barber salon.   Barber shop. So yeah… note a broader thing you can get out of this. fa33aal is a term for someone whose profession is ___… typically. Or someone who does the underlying verb. Pretty much the underlying verb is likely to be a form I verb if you’re getting فَعَّال out of it, I think.

حدّاد forged metal artisan, blacksmith, iron worker

محل حدادة forge

لحّام butcher – i think you can say jazzaar too.

now… as for محل لحامة , it can also be called a ملحمة. Butcher shop.

The fact is that putting all this information here is not the effective way to learn these terms. So i’m not gonna put there here, i will add to leitner instead. Khalas.

مرض لا يمكن الشفاء منه

Incurable disease

قياس التنفس spirometry

I have purchased a year-long membership in the national council on interpreting in health care, which provides access to a bunch of interpreting and translation related webinars. I’ll take notes on them, annotate them in Arabic, and post them here inshallah.

Today i completed the 64 hour medical interpreter training.. And in 1.5 months I’ll go to Egypt to study arabic via the best possible scholarship…I would say I told you so, except I have largely forgotten about who it even was who doubted me😂Maybe some people on a Reddit like 3 years ago when i was unemployed, intermediate in Arabic and wanting advice:

“Language skills can’t be the core of your resume. Get a well paying job and have Arabic as a hobby.”

^never listen to someone who says this! Their failure need not be yours!

I really heard someone say كمادة today (ice pack – or just pack I suppose, add باردة for the ice) and I really trust it’s real now.

I’m feeling good to have finished my first rough draft of “practical notes” for Bridging the Gap training. It’s one thing that makes me feel more inspired – having succinct, clean notes that I can actually peruse.

A semantically light verb , when frontin, isn’t so different from having a subj. fronted sentence.

S+adv+verb, s+adj+verb may be less emphatic than S+verb. “Emphasis less pronounced”.