less strict than I thought


“huwwe khaayef inno naaklo”
he’s worried we’re gonna eat him!
note that inno doesnt match “i7na” and that’s acceptable. Less Strict Than I Thought.


Now here is a STRANGELY ordered sentence also from Team Nisreen.
ma ‘aS3ab(h)a nihaayet gharaamak tekteba b’iidak
How Difficult The End of Your Love(?) YOU write It With Your Hand
or, more naturally: How hard it is to write your love’s end with your own hand

“in one go”   ~ daf$e waa7de

the ultimate bizarreness is after all this effort to distinguish one English “that” usage from another English “that” usage,   Arabic sometimes mixes up the two different translations.
It’s good that you reminded me.
mnii7 illi zakkartni
OMG! Inno also acceptable, but it’s bizarre that illi would ever be acceptable here. But it is. Surely in fus7a that kind of thing wouldn’t be ok? I don’t know.

But the more of page 76,77 of the pdf is that inno doesn’t have to match the pronoun coming after, the pronoun’s conjugation is what people look to for clarity and enno can openly contradict  that pronoun without any confusion resulting.

Instead of “tadwiir 3ala”, which I found in Cowell, I’d rather go with “dwaara 3ala” like Team Nisreen says, as I trust it slightly more.

salla – to entertain
teslaaye – entertainment. Irregular maSdar type thing,   used in the case of form II def. verbs

maTaar = airport

ruu7a= the going (as opposed to the returning) ~ zahaab
raj3a = the returning (in fus7a ar-rujuu3 which is how i’d been saying it. )
ruu7a ra3a – there and back. [to go] there and back, as in “how much do you pay there and back?” so the gist is that this two word thing can act as a useful adverb.

rattab – to tidy up something (trans.)

don’t try to translate “red-handed” literally into arabic:
maskuuni masks leyed
lit. they caught me the catching of the hand
it’s cognative accusative here, which sometimes flies even in colloquial. a decent amount, as mentioned in cowell’s book.

hab$e ~ a good deal (maSdar of instance, or noun of instance or w/e you wanna call it, from wazan I)
haabe$lo ~he‘s (Active Participle) gotten a good deal for himself

“heek 7aki” this sort of talk

Here’s a useful sentence:

maa byenma$a ma3a (VII)
she’s impossible to get along with

jaakar: to spite s.o. (transitive) (III)

note that the pronoun “self” : 7aal, doesnt pluralize in 3amiyye!
they’re arrogant = $aayfiin 7aalon  – nice! ez. (Literally, “theyve seen themselves)

khallii b7aalo: leave him alone
(rather than my guess “traako la7aalo”! interesting)

52 pages left now. perhaps I should divide that across like 4 days:

Monday: 85-98
Tues: 99-112
Wed: 113-126
Thurs: 127-137

which means I’m done for today.


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