cool – thanks Team Nisreen

بلا ما يفوت ع البيت
bala ma yfuut 3a-lbeet
without coming inside


ما تمّ إفساده
so this is a fragment meaning , I think, “what brought about its corruption”

يعوّض ما تم إفساده
compensate [for = optional عن] what, of its corruption, has occurred.
compensate for what has happened in the way of its corruption (this is … i forgot the grammatical term. Comment? Shrug.)

tightrope حبل مشدود OR حبل البهلوان

ECOSOC decision 2004/314, at its 51st plenary meeting on 23 July 2004.
مقرر المجلس الاقتصادي والاجتماعي 2004/314، في جلسته العامة الحادية والخمسين المعقودة في 23 تموز/يوليه 2004
jilsitu al-3aama al 7aadiya wal xamsiin alm3aquuda …


جار \ جارة
^all three of those are muDaafs, if nothing else in a false iDaafa. I think. like  gland  adjacent of the thyroid.  gland side of the thyroid.
see what Im sayin? I never heard of janiib before. Interesting wazan thing goin on there. luquu7 is a revelation too. فعول and فعيل

مجاور لـ  not iDaafa construct. but still translates for para-

sufli = lower. But in the case of paraplegic, para- translates to sufli. Interesting!

This is one of those prefixes that will take more intense focus.

  1. find english words with para
  2. look at arabic translations for said words
  3. look for patterns in the arabic translates
  4. generalize from these an approach for translating para from english to arabic.