stick etc

3aSa or 3aSaaye

tneenaatkom – the 2 of you. both of you.

note: instead of binteenak, peope in amiyya tend to go for:

banaatak et-tinteen (both of your daughters – literally, your daughters, the two [of them])
ixewtak it-teneen (your 2 brothers. whoa really?!)

lee$ ebtitfa$fa$ fiyye?
why do you vent your emotions/anger/frustration on me?

shukran, Sirt metghaddi
Thanks, I’ve already had lunch

baqli beeDa – I fry an egg.
qala – to fry.
baTaaTa maqliyye – fried potatoes

qallal tends to come with a preposition! aha!
laazem enqallel min maSaariifna – we have to cut down our expenses.

in qallalat , xams daqaayeq
five minutes at least
[if it is reduced, [it will be] five minutes]
strange!!! very strange. why not just عالاقل

luulu mqallad imitation/artificial pearls


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