ماخد – having taken; married to
ابصر مين ماخده I don tknow who took it [i dont know who is having taken it]

مين ماخد بنتك who’s your daughter married to?

هو ماخد بنت جيراننا he married our neighbors daughter

هدول اتنين ماخدين اخوات تنتين those two [men] are married to 2 sisters.

فات الوقت – it’s too late. the time for that is past

السنة اللي فاتت last year / the past year

lamma futet 3albeet – when I got home / when I entered the house. Look! futet! no gemination there.

ما بتظهر عواطفها she doesnt show her feelings

بعتنا ورا الدكتور we sent for the doctor.

بعدك هون؟ are you STILL here?
بعدني عم بدرس I’m still studying

بعده ما اجا؟ isn’t he here yet?
بعده. Not yet.

بعد ما دفعتش؟ haven’t u paid yet?

stick etc

3aSa or 3aSaaye

tneenaatkom – the 2 of you. both of you.

note: instead of binteenak, peope in amiyya tend to go for:

banaatak et-tinteen (both of your daughters – literally, your daughters, the two [of them])
ixewtak it-teneen (your 2 brothers. whoa really?!)

lee$ ebtitfa$fa$ fiyye?
why do you vent your emotions/anger/frustration on me?

shukran, Sirt metghaddi
Thanks, I’ve already had lunch

baqli beeDa – I fry an egg.
qala – to fry.
baTaaTa maqliyye – fried potatoes

qallal tends to come with a preposition! aha!
laazem enqallel min maSaariifna – we have to cut down our expenses.

in qallalat , xams daqaayeq
five minutes at least
[if it is reduced, [it will be] five minutes]
strange!!! very strange. why not just عالاقل

luulu mqallad imitation/artificial pearls

start in index, then note here, then look up and note arabic here

overwhelmed -saa7iq

add fuel to the flames 7886
haada biziid iT-Tiin balle
that adds fuel to the flames / adds wetness to the clay
tamyiiz  Ithink . like in fus7a would have tanween on wetness. adds [to] the clay wetnessly. a noun.

so that he can pay all his debts – حتى يتمكن من دفع كل ديونه

alarming 4940
manZar mur3ib – an alarming sight
شفنا بالتلفزيون مناظر مرعبة we saw terrible sights on tv

advantages & disadvantages 2242,2799,6135
الحسنات والسيئات the advantages and the disadvantages. 7asanaat ;sayyi’aat.
الاجابيات والسلبيات good &bad traits.
اجاني جواب سلبيi received a negative reponse.
ظاهرة سلبيةan undesirable phenomenon
مقاومة سلبيةpassive resistance.

2464 make someone do something
الولد خلى الباب مفتوح the boy left the door open
هادا خلاني افكر that made me think
ليش ما خليتوش يكملwhy didnt you let him finish
هادا بخليه يفهم that’ll make him understand

legitimate – 2119,6737
جمع مصاري بالحلال ولا بالحرام؟did he get his money through legit or illegal means? (note willa)
ابن الحلال عند ذكره ببان speak of the devil & he’s sure to appear. but literally!!!! the decent man appears w mention of him[his name]. So… differet connotation mayb?
ولد غير شرعي child born out of wedlock
بشكل غير شرعي illegally
عشان وجودك يكون شرعي so that your presence in the country is legal;so that youre legally resident.

hide ones head in the sand – 5090
سياسة النعامة اللي بتغزّ راسها فالرمل
a head-in-the-sand policy
[the policy of the ostrich (na3aame) which hides its head in the sand]

extenuating circumstances 8361 ظروف مخفّفة (lightening? hmm…)

بمر في ظروف صعبة he’s going through a difficult time

equivalent to 315
هاي عبارة عن that’s tantamount to /equivalent to / means / in other words


كل واحد وظروفه everyone has his own reasons (everyone & his circumstances -literally)

without asking anyone – غيرما يسأل حدا
that’s a gerundival maa so u know.

Sarilna $ahreen xaaTbiin
we’ve been engaged for 2 months

insadd – to be blocked
a7san-ma yinsadd : so that it doesn’t get blocked up.
OH WHAT!?!?! this means so that? I would have say 7atta , or maybe minshan. Are either of those wrong?

iza fiih rTuube, il7abel bin$add
when the weather’s damp the rope gets taut
note that in Engish adjective, in Arabic noun dampness. humidity.

in$aa’ = essay
i3melna ‘in$aa’ fil madrase
we WROTE an essay at school. (did) (made)

Saar fiih niqaa$ Sarii7
there was a FRANK discussion.

جبلي كباية شاي الله يخليك
bring me a  cup of tea, please!

هاذا شزّ  thats unusual/highly irregular  ذ originally not “z”

نصحته انه ما يروح
i advised him not to go
[more lit. i advised him that he not go]

نقّطله من هالدوا في دانه (daano!?)
put some of these drops in his ear

اللي ايده في النار مش زي اللي ايده في الماي
you don’t know what its like to be in my place!/you cant imagine what it’s like til you’ve been there! [obv. literal meaning is about hands in fire vs in water]

cold food / snacks
I’m tired of living on snacks
guess: تعبت من اكل النواشف للتغذية
real: انا زهقت النواشف
zhe’t? What the heck

if you think bidoqq is only for percussion instruments well think again
he plays the fluteبِدُقّ عالناي

ايش ناوي تعمل what do u intend to do?AP!

صار نتيجة حادث It happened AS A RESULT OF an accident
natiijet 7aades (no tanween man)

natiije la-xilaaf – AS A RESULT of a dispute

notice that “as” coming outta practi cally nowhere. But it has precedenet of course. It’s… forgot the term.

الفنجان مشعور بس الشعور ما بِبين
the cups got a ccrack in it but u cant see it

recreational activities
fa33aliyyaat tarfihiyye
recreational programs: baraamej tarfihiyye

how [adj]!   ما أحلى!   شو ظريف
ما أحلى هذه الرسالة!  شيئا ما يخطر على بالي هو أنّ الناس قد يتعلم أكثر فعاليةً بتجربة مباشرة\شخصية بدلا من القول\المحاضرة.
أحياناً أدري بأنهّ أغلب تعلّمي بالحياة جاء هكذا. مع أنّ بعض الناس تمنوّ أن يعلّموني بشيء.
نبرة كتابتك ظريفة ومختصرة و مغامرة سواءا (متزامناً؟) س
أظنّ أنه من المفروض أنك تألفين ملاحظات\ذكرياتك بشكل الكتاب أول ما خلصتِ مع برنامج التطوع \التدرب هناك
عامل إجابي ثاني هو أنّ نبرة كتابتك تشبه نبرة كلامك بشكل دقيق جداً
لم أفهم بالضبط ما قصدت التشبيه (مقارنة؟) للرياضيات
قد لا تحسن لنفس الدرجة اختفاءاً مصلحك السري
well.. Secret weapon: سلاح سري. Supposedly. I wouldnt really want that one to be taken literally, so I feel a tad cautious.

مؤخراً بدلاً من العزف بالاصابع كثيراً فاهتمامي كبر بالارتجال
الاثنين يمكن بنفس الوقت طبعاً
ولكن أقول العزف بالاصابع بمعنى ترتيب لحنا ما وتناغما ما مع بعض حتى أعزفهم مع بعض (مما ليس ممكن باستعمال ريشة كما أجد)س يوجد إحساس بالعشق والمغامرة يأتي من الارتجال بمقامات وأشكال <ارباجيو> التي سبق ولم أستخدمها كثيراً. توصيل الأشكال المجاورة من بعض يصنع نوع من الشبكة بما فيها أنغام مناسبة أو لها صلة   التي تمتد طول الرقبة لحتى سطر ١٢

at which point
عندما النموذج يبدأ من جديد

احيانا الارتجال يبدو الركض في الدوائر