naymiin 3as-saTe7
they sleep on the roof
really ? not progressive?

بتلعب بسوالفها
She fiddles with the curls at the side of her face; she plays with her kiss curls

il-3ajal Saar iduur ‘asra3
The wheel began to turn more quickly

They demobilised the soldiers

haada waa7ad sarraaq!
He’s a thief!

تحت السواهي دواهي
under a deceptively calm surface , dangers may lurk.


لما شاف هالشوفة
when he saw that [when he saw that sight]

شوفة sight/vision

عمري ما شفت هيك شوفة
I’ve never seen anything like it!

بس شفت الاكلة هاي بتقرفني
The mere sight of that food makes me sick!

What’s wrong? What’s up? [what’s what at you]

from inside it
من جواته
not “min juuto”

حمامة جوية
tame pigeon

لازم تعملي فحص بالامواج الصوتية
You’ve got to have an ultrasound.

الامكانيات موجودة
There are all kinds of possibilities

مش منيح الولد يسهر فالليل
it’s not good for the boy to stay up late at night

polytheism (negative connotation , I think)

هالاولاد شو بِفقّعو
How irritating these children are!

هاذا افضل من الجمود
this is better than a deadlock

طلّعه \ خلّصه من الجمرُك
he cleared it through customs

المفروض انه يعطوه مُهلة
they’re supposed to give him an extension [ie more time]

على مهلك
take your time!

bim$i 3ala mahlo
he walks slowly \ he proceeds at a leisurely pace

بِحافظو على قدسية المحل
they respect the sanctity of the site [lit, they preserve the sanctity of the site]

هادا بجرح كبريائي
it hurts my pride \ its an affront to my pride

انا مش عارف كيف
i dunno how
note- AP not verb.

عدة كلمات
a few words

كلس مطفى
kils emTaffa
slaked lime
[extinguished lime]

Abuuy kaanat kilemto kilme
My father’s word was his bond!
[my father, his word was a word]
note how often you get a seeming subject, then the subject changes. Like people just pop a makeshift subject in, then add a comma, then have a normal sentence. Hm.

هي محبوسة في البيت
she’s shut up at home (not lit imprisoned in this case)

الولد محبوس في المدرسة
The boy’s in detention (at school)

اكلنا حبش
We ate turkey
ديك حبش is the long version of turkey

بحب اضيف كلمة
I’d like to add something / i’d like to put in a word.

حبتين بندورة
2 tomatoes (“two items of tomato”)

الكذب حلبه قصير
A lie is soon found out
[the lie, its rope is short]

هادا اللي بِسبّب اسهال thats what causes diarrhea

atalo ta mawwato – He beat him within an inch of his life [he murdered him ’til he killed him]

حالته كانت ميئوس منها His condition was critical [his condition was despaired of]
confusing situation with this defective verb getting put into passive participle format. may’uus. from ya’s. يأس roots ي ء س so… doubly defective I’d consider it.

رح افرجيك النجوم الضهر
I’ll give u such a thrashing you’ll see stars
[lit. I’m going to show you the stars of midday]

سبعة في تلاتة واحد وعشرين
7 TIMES 3 [is] 21.    looks at times. It’s “into”