bring 2 skewers of kebab, please!
هات سيخَين كباب

على كبر صار يفهم
with age, he began to understand.
Note that kabar = “old age”
per Osman, also can mean arrogance. Or is that kibr. Hm.

بدون مساعدته ما بقدرش
without his help, I can’t [do it]

حتى الحديث يبقى مسلسل
so that the conversation flows smoothly
7adees is how it’s said, not 7adeeth.
And look, musalsal can mean “fluent, flowing” / “continuous” / “serial, TV series” / “soap opera”

مسيقار مشهور كتب المسيقى للفلم
A famous musician wrong the music for the film.


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