twarrat min abuu – he inherited his dad’s estate

huwwe la 7aalo ma bye3raf ley$ etwaqqaf – he himself doesnts know why he was arrested

il- abstract true ownership  , ma3 physical possession
ili ma3ak miit $eykel
You owe me 100 shekels

u-ziidi xall ma3laqteyn
and add 2 spoonfuls of vinegar

ma3juun le7laaqa – shaving cream
ma3juune  lal qazaaz – putty (paste for glass)


instead of saying ihtiram, you could try:
takriim il waalideyn
respect for / honoring one’s mother & father

xamse fi talaate xamsta3e$
5 x 3 = 15

tinsaa$ maw3edna fi xamse tlaate
dont forget our appt on March 5

fi talaate sab3a
on the 3rd of July

to fit in/ tally
كيف بيتوافق مع اللي قلته؟
how does it tally (square) with what u said?

مع السلامة is more appropriate to be said by the prson staying behind, as it means “go safely”

2 examples:

bxaaTrak! [with your permission]
[reply:] مع السلامة


مع السلامة
[then the departing replies,]   الله يسلّمك

to boil = salaq
بيضة مسلوقة boiled egg

I boil fish
basloq samak

yaa bi$wuu $awi, yaa busolquu saleq
it can either be fried or boiled
you can fry it, or you can boil it
[either they fry it frying, or they boil it boiling]
cognate accusative

واوي jackal
الواوية بتعوي فالليل
il wawiyye bit3awwi fil leel
The jackals howl at night
notice it’s not byit3awwi, the consonant of ya goes away. But shaami could be different. And I’m gonna just say it is .

in the play i play the king
fil masra7iyye bamassel door il malek

ilqirD ma$ruuT bi-ruxSet il-3amaar
the loan’s conditional on [the granting of] the building permit

ma$i – going/walking
maa-3alee$, baruu7 ma$i
nevermind, I’ll go on foot

7aada ‘awwal ma$yo
this is the first time he’s walked
[of a baby]

il-ma$i biDorr ‘ijrak
walking’s not good for your feet
[walking damages your foot]

il-3ilaaqa been il-mu$aah wis-saa’iq
the relationship between the pedestrian and the driver

جبل موسى
Mt Sinai

لازم تجي صايم
You’ve got to be fasting when you come
/You must fast prior to arrival.
You must come fasting, literaly.

رِجِع لَطريق الصواب
He’s gone back to the straight and narrow.

صوّرت الوصل
I photocopied the receipt

كتاب مصوّر
an illustrated book / a book with illustrations

بلاش تصيّح
Don’t shout, stop shouting
Interesting… can also mean free.

bring 2 skewers of kebab, please!
هات سيخَين كباب

على كبر صار يفهم
with age, he began to understand.
Note that kabar = “old age”
per Osman, also can mean arrogance. Or is that kibr. Hm.

بدون مساعدته ما بقدرش
without his help, I can’t [do it]

حتى الحديث يبقى مسلسل
so that the conversation flows smoothly
7adees is how it’s said, not 7adeeth.
And look, musalsal can mean “fluent, flowing” / “continuous” / “serial, TV series” / “soap opera”

مسيقار مشهور كتب المسيقى للفلم
A famous musician wrong the music for the film.

ضربتني ابرة
she gave me an injection

الشراشف ابيضّت فالغسيل
the sheets came out white in the wash

اخدو منه الاعتراف بالقوة
they extracted a forced confession from him

بدي اتأكد من صحة الخبر
i want to make sure that the information is correct

خليك صاحي
keep your eyes peeled!