olive tree 9

  1. He studied all aspects of the problem.
    درس القضية من كل جوانبها
  2. Someone’s dented the wing [of the car]
    الجناح انضرب
  3. The bird flaps its wings.
    العصفور بيحرّك جناحه / اجناحه
  4. If you want something badly you’ve go to do whatever’s necesssary to achieve it.
    اللي بده يصير جمال لازم يوّسع باب داره
    [someone who wants to be a camel driver must widen is front door]
  5. Can you sum up in two sentences?
    ممكن في جملتين؟
  6. He did it out of cowardice.
    عِمل هيك عن جُبون
    notice that preposition! odd.
  7. The road’s full of potholes.
    الطريق ملانة جور
    Notice the tamyiiz here! How is it filled? Holes[ly].
    Notice malaan instead of malyaan. What’s that mean then? Same thing? Hm. I doubt it.
  8. He answers courageously.
    بيجاوب بكل جُرعة.
    [daring, boldness, courage]
  9. There’s a puncture in the inner tube.
    الجوّان مخزوق
    Inner tube = just inner(adj.)
    Can also say that for inner tube of a tire.