Useful to know when helping ppl understand their leases. I had to say مواسير من الحمام which is so off of course.


notes, practice etc. From a fairly nice sunny Sunday – but far from perfect, of course

  • I ought to practice translating tamyeezes. Because their translations are tricky. Sometimes the subject in English becomes the Arabic object, etc. Just tricky stuff.
  • Here’s a Bob Dylan quote I want to try translating.
    • That line, there again, is an intellectual line. It’s a line, ‘well, the enemy I see weears a cloak of decency,’ that could be a lie. It just could be. Whereas ‘standing under your yellow railroad,’ that’s not a lie.
    • ذلك السطر، مرةً أخرى، إنه سطر عقلي (؟) . هو سطر – حسنا، العدو الذي أراه يلبس ____ الخير (؟) الأخلاق؟) وهذا السطر قد يكون كذباً. بالمجرّد أن قد يكون كذلك. بينما – قائم ؟ واقف؟ تحت سكة حديدك الصفراء، هذا السطر ليس كذباً
    • Indeed, I took a guess on “standing” but that form I AP is correct. per reverso.
  • What else do I have to say? Nothing, for now.

tricky tricky interpreting

  • “Morning person”
    • شخص صباحي؟
  • When people say I’m not a morning person, that’s the most ridiculous statement a person can make.
    • Guess: لما حدا بيقول انا مو شخص صباحي هاذ تعليق مو معقول، تعليق غبي والله
    • Fixes? Oh wait, I dont have an answer key :\
  • If you’re not a morning person, [!] are we not shooting for tomorrow? And our goal is for tomorrow to come.
  • For you to wake up and lay that on your day every morning – I’m not a morning person – to pull that blanket up over your head every day is such a waste of time.
  • I can’t wait til I wake up in the morning. And you know what helps me out a great deal? When I wake up in the morning I spend the first 10 minutes just thinking.
  • I don’t even address any  problems I got. I’m just grateful that I’m up for this – and I think every little thing. [thanking?]
  • And I’ll spend 10 min- and it makes your day start such a wonderful way to realize that you woke up, you’re here –
  • [Oprah]You have a gratitude meditation. -For 10 minutes. -Wow.
  • I just thank him for every little thing. If i’m brushin my teeth I thank him for the electric toothbrush, cuz I used to have baking soda in my hand and a toothbrush that was wore down to the – That’s what I did.
  • Uh huh. -And now I just thank him for every little thing. And it does a funny thing when you do that.
  • See, when you’re not grateful, it kinda blocks the rest of your blessings from coming.
  • See, because why would He – God is smooth with his business, see?- why would he give you more stuff to be ungrateful for? He’s such a gentleman. He’s just a gentleman.
  • So, if youre having a rough time with what u have, why would i give u more?
  • So now if ur waking up miserable about ur job, why would he give u another job?
  • Why would he do that? so u can go be ungrateful for that?
  • u gotta thank him for the position u in, and thank him for all the good things that’s to come.
  • and then a new job would have been your way but i betchu, you blocked a lot of blessings by just hating that job so much.
  • He not gon give you som mo stuff to hate
  • I’m just grateful
    • مشكور – متشكّر?
  • baking soda
  • gentleman
  • be ungrateful
  • good things to come
    • not حسنات.. What is it.. Hm

Side note; You dont really have to go to grad school if you enroll yourself in a grad school of your own design

A new way 2 learn


ثلثي ما ترك
2/3 of what he left

I still have anki, but i’m not gonna focus on it so much anymore i think. it just is not engaging enough of my brain to use flashcards on my own…

I need to practice w/ people, and with full sentences, and with more stressful situations. Idk. Maybe the key is a middle path in which only REALLY important flashcards are designed.

Like, to discourage someone from sth


This is one of the meanings of a form X verb, per Mark Cowell.


So what is it exactly? If you seek to “bring out” the action of the form I verb but this time with yourself as the object, then you are carrying out the eductive version of the underlying verb..


underlying verb eductive verb + added notes from Oxford dictionary
غفر to forgive somebody ستغفر to seek forgiveness….

سوف استغفر لك ربي
Now this is so interesting… It means I will ask God to forgive you! So I was wrong; it cannot be assumed that the seeking is directed with the seeker being the target of the action. The forgiveness could be sought on someone elses behalf, etc, the important thing is that it’s sought.

عان ستَعَان

to employ someone else’s expertise. But no, that’s not the real eductive definition of this one. The eductive one is:

to ask for somebody’s help, to call on somebody (or God) for help.

استعان بالله = to call on God. Notice the ب , the 7arf jaar.


شار ستشار

استشار طبيبا To see a doctor (about some kind of problem. To seek that doctors advice)

استشار شخصاً في شيء
to seek some dude’s advice regarding (lit. “in”) some particular issue.


ردّ ستردّ

to regain sth. from s.o.

استردّ شيئا من شخصٍ
to get something back from some dude


فاد ستفاد


‏+ من, ‏+ ب
to benefit from
to make use of

اسْتَفادَ من شَيْءٍ

to benefit from something

اسْتَفادَ بِما لَدَيْهِ من وَقْتٍ

^ that’s a weird min. It’s like he benefited from(bi) what(maa) he has (ladaayhi) in terms of [min] time(waqtin).

So…………………………….It’s not a normal min. It’s not exactly just a simple of . I can find it in Ryding if i look sometime. It’s a special min.

“to make the most of one’s time”
To seek for benefitting to happen with me no longer being the doing the giving-of-benefits but rather me being the recipient of the benefitting. That’s eductive.
خبّر FORM II

to let someone know; to inform s.o. of something


to seek OR get information. to seek out a result in which I am the recipient and someone else is the letter-know-of-me

أجّر to rent to s.o.


ستأجر to be rented to (i.e to be a tenant)

To try to get smoeone to rent to you? nope. just to be rented to. Almost like the passive, which if you think about it is kinda similar to what they say about what eductive is.

  • (شَيْئاً)

    to rent
    to hire (British/الإنكليزية البريطانية)

    اسْتَأْجَرَ سَيّارةً

    to rent a car

    اسْتَأْجَرَ قِطْعةَ أَرْضٍ من شَخْصٍ

    to lease a piece of land from somebody

    اسْتَأْجَرَ طَيّارةً

    to charter an airplane
  • 2(شَخْصاً)

    اسْتَأْجَرَ شَخْصاً

    to hire somebody
to answer جاوب III whoa ستجوب

to seek answers. kinda aggressively like interrogation.


to put someone in charge


to take over.

how the hell is that eductive.

oh wait.. it IS… to “seek” for someone else to put you in charge. Maybe the word sek is part of the confusion here. Just flip the underlying verb in some way. TO put someone in charge? To be put in charge! Let’s try that with the rest of these.


to work


To employ. (like the relationship between II and I, in a way).


to guide or indicate


to be guided. nah, to seek guidance. right?


  • 1(اسْتَنْتَجَ)

    to come to the conclusion
    to deduce

    اسْتَدَلَّ على شَيْءٍ

    to infer something

    اسْتَدَلَّ ب \ من شَيْءٍ على أنّ …

    to infer from something that …

    اسْتَدَلَّ بالقَرارِ على رَأْيِهِ

    he used the decision to support his opinion

so it’s like, instead of to guide, it is to implement something else as a guide/indicator /evidence in an abstract way.


(ثمر ممكن – yea

not a verb. Just a noun. fruits/profit.


استثمر really

to exploit, profit from. To seek. to make something fruitful for onself (or for others?)

i thought this was to invest? To invest is to seek profit.

حقّ the right [to] ستحقّ

to seek the right to?

not quite. to deserve.

  • 1(كانَ جَديراً ب)

    to be entitled to

    اسْتَحَقَّ شَيْئاً

    to be entitled to something

    اسْتَحَقَّ التَقْديرَ \ الثَناءَ \ عُقوبةً

    to deserve appreciation/praise/punishment

    اسْتَحَقَّ التَعَبَ

    to be worth the trouble
    (i.e. the 

    هذا ما يَسْتَحِقُّهُ

    it serves him right

    إنَّهُ لا يَسْتَحِقُّ ذلك

    he/it is not worth it

    تَسْتَحِقُّ ذلك

    you deserve it
    that’s what you get!
  • 2(دَيْن)

    to be due

    يَسْتَحِقُّ الدَيْنُ

    the debt becomes payable


conclusion: The term eductive (and conative) etc is not that useful. So, i am just gonna delete that anki deck and save myself the headache for the time being. It’s way too abstract… Right? I mean… The forms are abstract but hella uesful. but this is … Idk.