Theater for the Very Young

Tomorrow this group called Metro Theater Co. is visiting my workplace and I might end up interpreting for them a bit in pre and post-show activities. I wanted to get a sense of what kind of vocabulary I might need to know in Arabic, so I did a little digging, and sure enough a video turned up that will be very instructive to take a glance at!

Here’s some words and phrases I would like to review:

  • pilot project
    • mashrū3 rā’id
    • lit. pioneering projecting!
  • very young (صغار جدا؟)
    • Yes
  • inspired by the intelligence and emotional wisdom of young people
    • inspired by = مستلهم من
    • intelligence ذكاء
    • emotional wisdom ~ emotional intelligence , الذكاء العاطفي
  • inspiration إلهام؟
    • الإهام yes
  • all ages
    • جميع الأعمار
  • arts education
    • تعليم الفنون
    • Don’t mix up with fanān – artist (singular)
    • Fanānīn – artists
  • addressing audiences
    • مخاطبة الجماهير
    • But, is this kosher when there’s no actual talking?
    • Is it even kosher in English?
  • 95% of their brains are developed by the time they are 5 years old
    • brains ‘admiġa / 3uqūl
    • عقل المراهقين لم يتطور تماما The teenage brain isn’t fully developed
  • creatively engaging those young people
  • at the time when their brains are most active
  • early education center partners
  • early childhood center
  • workshops
  • the ways that they interact with the world
    • الطرق التي يتفاعلون بها مع العالم
  • based not on what we think young people would like, but what we actually observe
    • لا يبني على ما نعتقد أنّ الشباب سيحبوه ولكن على ما نلاحظه في الواقع
  • multi-sensory
    • متعدّد الحواس
  • more multi-sensory
  • real musical instruments
    • آلآت موسيقية حقيقية
  • household objects that become instruments
  • a line of brass keys
    • خط مفاتيح نحاسية
  • smell; touch
    • حاسة الشم
    • حاسة اللمس
  • breaking of the 4th wall\
    • يكسر جدار المشهد
  • the audience will crawl right up on stage with the actors
  • a wonderful challenge for theater artists
  • theater behavior
    • سلوكيات المسرحية
  • how to clap
  • how to engage as an audience
  • they engage with the world in a totally different way
  • it requires an artist to go back to the real kernel of discovery and exploration and the real spark of what makes theater and performance an engaging art form (phew! long sentence!)
  • post-show activities
    • أنشطة بعد العرض
  • With support from The Boeing Company – my guess بدعم من شركة بوينج
    • Yes

مخلوقات برّيّة
wild animals

leopard (or cheetah or panther)

area (i.e., length x width)

اللعب في الماء
لُعْب\لِعْب\لَعِب three different possible maSdars for ONE VERB. damn.

لا يخاف الارتفاع
He does not fear heights
don’t use من , I guess. Just make it transitive

يتدفّق to flow (The river flows down from the north).

عرض ١٦ كيلومتر
a width of 16 km.

لحلِ كل أنواع المشاكل
in order to solve all manner of problems

(chimps use them to forage)

أي حركة خاطئة
one [lit. any] wrong move, [and the chimp will catch him]

عُصْن is another word for tree branch. like فرع

زعيم القبيلة
the leader of the tribe/pack

السياسة تحكُمُ بين الذكور
Politics is ____ between male [chimps].

a narrow passage; figuratively, any sort of problem.

البحث جارٍ
the search goes on. The search is underway.
flowing, running, current, present.

حاجبةً طفلها بجسمها
Concealing her young against her body

يلحَق He chases after

سمكة الفيل
The elephant fish

شبيهة بالخرتوم

مثل المكنسة الكهربائية
like an electric vaccum

ذَيْلها her (its) tail – referring to an electric eel!

admiGHAtina – our brains

Chemistry stuff from SciTalk Podcast

في صورةِ ذَهَبٍ
in gold
(in the form of gold)

تسخين الماء
heating of water


يُعاد تسخينها مرةً أخرى
It undergoes reheating again.
(note the use of passive; not “reheated” but “its reheating is repeated“)

بديل آخر
another substitute (a substitute)

موجبة الشحنة
positive [of] charge

to test positive
كانَتْ نَتيجةُ اخْتِبارِهِ إيجابيّةً

كما ذكرت KAma dhaKART
As I mentioned.

الجدول الدوري
the Periodic Table

عدد الكتلة
mass number (of an element)
3adad al kutla.

atomic number
العدد الذرّي

Isotope (or peer, in other contexts)

نظائر مُشِعّة
note that the ع is geminated here.

يميل الاندماج
tends to bond (chemistry)

الاندماج والانشطار الذرّي
nuclear fusion and fission

الطاقة الناتجة من
the energy that’s generated from [bonds etc]

Correcting 1+ mistakes I make

  • ملفّ the noun for “file” , it’s not pronounce MIlaf, but rather maLAFF. That’s because it is geminate, and I think that second syllable may be considered a super heavy syllable.
  • Instead of saying رقم هويتك، رقم الرخصة and so on, you might want to try nomra\nəmra(t) as the cognate for number. Seems to be at least, if not more, common.
  • ġoraba = strangers. However, it might fly to say ġarībīn as well, per Olive Tree Dictionary. Just don’t say ġorāb.

Misc notes of value

  • حلّ isn’t only “to solve” – it also can mean
    • to release
    • to untie
    • to untether
    • to undo
    • to dissolve
    • to dismantle
    • to break up
    • to finish (work, school)
    • to descend
    • to fade, run (e.g., what colors do in the wash)

Shāmi Questions

  • I just want to practice the subjunctive انا conjugation of assimilated verbs a little bit. And for other pronouns, for that matter.
    • I want to arrive
      • beddi ‘ūṣal. This is the more familiar way to me. But I still need to lose my sea legs with it.
      • beddi ‘əṣal:   This is the MSA way. However, I’m no longer accustomed to it.
    • He does not like to arrive
      • ما يحب يصل
      • ما يحب يوصل
      • Maybe I could also do a more Syrian thing… ماله حابب يوصل \ ماله حابب يصل \ هو مو حابب يوصل etc. I’m not so sure about these, though.
    • She will arrive in 5 min
      • بدها توصل بعد خمس دئايئ
      • هي راح تصل بعد ٥ دئايئ
    • Just to be clear, I’ll conjugate a couple of these assimilated (initial root is a semi-vowel) verbs in the subjunctive.
      • wəṣel to arrive:
        هو يوصل \ يصل
        هي توصل \ تصل
        هما يوصلو \ يِصَلُو
        انت توصل \ تصل
        انتي توصلي \ تصلي
        انتو توصلي \ تِصَلُو
        انا أُوصَل \ إِصَل
        احنا نوصل \ نِصَل