1st Quarter Plan

  • Vocab
    • Anki, drawing primarily from Stowasser
      • Alphabetize the blue book and write these verbs in real sentences.
    • Memrise 501 Verbs
      • Finished.
      • Use mems to write the example sentences from Scheindlin’s book.
    • Quranic Syntax Treebank +  Audio
      • Sura 7 (can also use new app).
  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Writing
    • Lang-8 and then examine corrections here
    • Light blue journal (use 501 verbs)
  • Reading
    • Abridged Crime and Punishment, if only a few pages per day.

Additional tips from The Arabic Learner:

  • Exposure. Read and listen to as much Arabic as possible to increase your passive vocabulary
  • Use the words you learn in active interactions, whether speaking or writing
  • Group words into meaningful groups when memorizing, such as by consonantal root, or word type (adjective, noun, etc.), synonyms, antonyms, etc.

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