7awaali  is physically around

7awl is  perhaps more limited to fus7a. but in colloquial can at least mean about in the abstract way (on the subject)


pay for vs pay to
pay to = ل
pay for (on behalf of) = عن


damn! look at page 133. http://teammaha.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Team-Nisreens-Fusha-to-Shami.pdf   crucial kind of things. I need to skim this again sometime and pick up the pieces.

page 134 too. absolute vital. and 135. فوق ماني كذاب dang!


more notes on Team Nisreen’s new pdf http://teammaha.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Team-Nisreens-Fusha-to-Shami.pdf

فهّم على means to make smoeone understand sommeone else. The latter is the object of the preposition 3ala. USEFUL! in diplomatic type scenarios, or interpreting. that’s the gist

forever = lil abad

maadde = a school subject . Or, material (substance)

مستحوى من قصة حئيئية inspired by a true story

byebrod = he GETS cold (or, he catches a cold – I think I learned this in class today)

ذوق ~ أسلوب   style
DONT thinkذوق means culinary taste: that’s مذاقاة or some spelling roughly like that. it’s III maSdar, probably.مذاقة. Who knows

If there’s one thing that could make you sound a lot more native, it’s prcaticing the ####**** out of tamyiiz til you start using it a lot each day. The gist is, use fewer words than you think you need to use. tamyiiz is all about slapping a noun at the end and resisting the temptation to ease into it with a connecting preposition perhaps ك etc etc, resist that.

Starting a sentence in a way that sounds hopelessly vague is something you have to get used to. Later in the sentence, often at the end, you will plop a word into to solve that.

Here’s a mind boggling excerpt from team nisreen:

Each number from 3-10 has two forms, one used before nouns and one used independently. Although with 3-10 these forms resemble the fuSHa feminine and masculine, they have nothing to do with gender in Shami

whereas i used to do ordinal adjectives like “alkhaamis 3aashar ” and stuff, here Chris says just do something like الدرس الخمستعش

One thing i’d criticize a little is the notion that plural days in shaami is tayyaam… I don’t see any good argument for treating that ت as part of some special plural noun form. It’s clear to me it is a taa marbuTTa untied – albeit specially.

also I am very in disagreement with the notion that “miit” is special in any way. It’s iDaafa untying the ة of مية, and Shaami likes straight-across (idk technical term) vowels so miit instead of miyyat.


Good Arabic lesson

 . اليوم مساءا درست خوائص العسل الطبية مع حسني، معلمي المغربي

استفدت كثيراً من خلال استيعاب مفردات جديدة معينة جداً بما فيها الحنك (بالمقارنة للخد)و كلمتين صافي وجلاء (معنيهما وضوح في السوائل والمواد) وصفراء (مرض متعلق بالكبد فيها يصفرّ البشر) إلى آخره
الحمدلله ، مفيد جداً
حاولت تسجيل بعض الملاحظات في كتابي ويجوز فوقت ثاني سأنقل بضعتها هنا.
السلام عليكم