My guesses at conjugating amiyya عبّى

To fill.

I fill عبي
fill! عبي
fill! (f.) عبي
fill (pl.) عبّو

You fill. تعبي
They fill يعبّو
We fill نعبي Or منعبي for like, indicative.
She fills تعبّي
he fills يعبي

And of course ب makes the other conjugations indicative insteaod of… subjunctive? E.g., bi3abbi I think would be he fills (or fills out, as in a form).

Now for past tense.

She filled out 3abbat
he filled out 3abba
I filled out 3abbat?? No, my guess is 3abbeet
you filled out 3abbat (m.). no, my guess is 3abbeet.
you (f) filled out 3abbeeti ???
we filled out 3abbeeni (with less emphasis on the second <b>)
they filled out 3abbuu

words today

تصليحات repairs (e.g. on a stove)
استفرغ to vomit
تسرب leak (V) (e.g. gas leak)
خصم discount, rebate

On the other hand, تنزيل does not mean reduction; it only means downloading.

Routing # رقم تحويل (transfer #)
direct deposit إيداع فوري (wow, what is إيداع? Something from IV involving initial و ?)
You can also say  إيداع مباشر
صيانة means maintenance , just like تصليحات … But صيانة can also mean repairman.

الرقم السري PIN number

checkbook دفتر الشيكات
savings account حساب توفير (straightforward)

VERY IMPORTANT : إيداع or وديعة = deposit (as in safety deposit or a normal bank deposit, opposite of سحب)

Court hearing: جلسة استماع

Some tips I just read

What to do when learning Arabic gets intimidating? A Professor’s advice

  • Don’t try to understand it all. Skim-read newspaper headlines; “only look up words that keep repeating themselves”.
  • Work out what’s difficult and address it directly (e.g. practising dills on specific verbs)
  • Start off with practical rather than abstract vocabulary

With this in mind, here’s ten vocab words I want to learn in amiyya (or fus7a if needed):

  1. medicine bottle
  2. to show
  3. to succeed
  4. pronunciation of conjugations of لقى
  5. resettlement
  6. expenses
  7. income
  8. mosquito
  9. social worker
  10. deposit (for rent)
  11. hyperactive/jittery
  12. fine (penalty)
  13. interest ( فائدة i think)
  14. gender (is it jins?)
  15. sinuses
  16. buffer
  17. sense of vision / sight
  18. sense of hearing
  19. sense of touch
  20. sense of taste
  21. sense of smell
  22. role model
  23. verb — to smell
  24. to crouch
  25. to reach
  26. to bend over
  27. to kneel
  28. to wake up (يستيقظ fus7a)
  29. emergency preparedness

some rando words before i return a book


jadwal – schedule

masaar – path, trajectory, route (nice!)

tan$eeT – stimulation, energizing (as a gerund), encouragement; For example, Revitalization of the stock market. Here’s a sentence: السوق المالية لم تلعب بعد الدور المرتقب منها في تنشيط البورصة The money market hasnt yet played the role expected of it in bringing the stock market back to life

qaadir 3ala – capable of; able to

حادٍ sharp. As in sharp drop in brain function; or a sharp knife. هبوط حادفي وظائف المخ

الذهاب first half of a game/match; going, leaving, departure (as opposed to arrival)

Zalaam – darkness/injustice

kathra – abundance

ward – collective for roses/flowers.

labba , yulibbii; to meet or fulfill (desires or expectations); or comply with

اشقر blonde (m) shaqraa’ female. Blond.

3anwa – force, violence, 3anwataan by force; violently.

yaa turaa – i wonder . As a frozen express. meen 7ayfuuz yaa turaa? I wonder who’s going to win.

7iyaal – regarding, concerning (like حول)

‘ablagha , yubligh. To inform, notify, report that..

salaf – Ancestors (collective)

tasallam , yatasallam – — To receive, accept. transitive. E.g., i got my test results today!!

ma’ziq — impasse, dilemme (like مشكلة basically, but not quite)

istijaab – accept invite; grant request; comply with demands; respond to medical treatment. All these ل

angry; confusion (Syrian dialect)

زعلان angry
ناشف also means angry

Please dont be angry with me
bitrajjaak laa tiz3al minni

kalaamo n-naashef laazem ykuun jara7a ‘aktar mimma tSawwar
His angry words must have hurt her more than he thought

two ways to say confusion

His talk confused me
kalaamo xarbaTni (I)

That will  cause a lot of confusion
ha$$aghle la7a tsabbeb xarbaTa ktiire

and yet a third way, which seems very idiomatic:
haraj w-maraj

He escaped in the confusion
filet bil-haraj wil-maraj
Wait… filet looks so much like fled… Obviously just a صدفة but… Why aren’t we saying hareb. Oy vey.

Coordination (w/, between)

تنسيق مع
and probably ok too: تنسيق بين __ وبين

Some other words I’d like to review here….

show its strength.. و ر ج ي so.. quadrilit? I guess.
The United States dispatched several naval units as a show of strength
l-wilaayaat il-metta7ide ba3tet (just like sending a packing in the mail, sending a text) 3iddet (several) qiTa3 ba7riyye la-twarji (IN ORDER TO she shows) ‘uwwita.

So don’t say حتى تورجي, say لتورجي . GOtcha.

Show me how to do it  \
warjiini kiif saawiiha. It’s not kiif bsaawiiha, or kiif asaawiiha. It’s saawiiha. Almsot as if past tense. But it’s “I do.”

One thing I’ve been doing a better job at lately is using the present tense when I mean the future – instead of adding رحor ح.

for show (not true; dishonest; an act)
Her crying was just for show.
bekaaha kaan killo tamsiil (note ث turned to س)

When writing in English I like to say something reflects or attests to  or suggests, underscores, speaks to, shows. In arabic this is دل.. For example The plan shows intelligence.
l-xeTTa beddell (but WHY NOT FEMALE?) 3ala zaka (ذكاء minus the hamza). Oh, and it’s not female because betdell is hard to say, so literally ppl just change it. Omg, hahah. I was about to have a stroke here.

visible – baayan. (instead of بائن – but still know it’s AP)

What are they showing at the movies this evening? (offering; not teaching)
shuu 3am yi3irDu bis-siinamayaat il-leele? Somewhere between an /e/ and an /i/, I suppose.

“for show” (for superficial reasons)
لمظاهر (for sights, scenes.. literally I mean)

This shows the truth of what I said.
ha$$ii biwarji Si77et kalaami.
(This thing SHOWS truth of my speech/saying)

I used to think that a certain verb meant to show, but now I have found out that with different 7arakat it is a term for vulva that’s considered obscene, so nvm then!

Clear liquids—

I’ll show them! walla (velarized l’s) la-warjiihon! (la – means رح??!?!?!)

Also note that it’s note أورجيهن, just starts with the waw.

Apparently when you say somebody has [body part ; phys feature] you don’t say عنده, nor لدى, you might just say [feature] is[adj]. OR see this example with a diff preposition: عليه كتاف كتير عريضة He has broad shoulders.

Some useful words

satisfied raDyaan
dissatisfied muu raDyaan

The border dispute has been going on for years:
My guess: صار سنوات ويستمر الخلاف على الحدود
Answer: الخلاف حول لحدود صارلُه سنين وسنين
Literally: the dispute around the borders became [to] it years and years…. This صارله thing is not straightforward at all. I gotta ask Reddit about this.

7aases 7aali daayex – I feel dizzy
Literally, I feel myself dizzy.


Sure, I’ll do it.
ma3luum, bsaawiiha.

He’s supposed to be rich
لمفروض في انه غني
Why fii??????? Also note that this is a modal verb. Expresses my attitude on the subject

to make sure
Make sure that you have everything
تحقق انه صار عندك كل شي
Hmmm… te7aqqaq is like you cause something to come to fruition, realize it. So ensure that [it] became at you all thing. What the heck

Be sure to come tomorrow
‘eS7a maa…. For example
‘eS7a maa tiji bekra! Or , diir baalak tiji bekra. Basically stop worrying about the أنه so much. You certainly would be overdoing it to say, diir baalak ennak tiji bekra. No way is that amiyya. THat being said, sometimes you do use enno. Keep an eye out for when. Diir baalak tiji bekra. K.

OR!!!! t’akkad [min; sometimes]. THis is what I know already.
Guess: t’akkad tiji bekra.

And yet a third option
xalli baalak ha$$ii maa ySiir taani marra.
Make sure that it doesnt happen again
Don’t worry so much about ySiir being interpreted as “to be doable, feasible”… Happen in this cappen ;and you need to say happen a lot. Not also the lack of gender agreement.
Keep your mind [there is no “that”!!!] this thing doesn’t happen second time.

You can use kuun , the imperative be, in amiyya.

Are you sure of that?
انت متأكد من هالشي؟
Hes not very sure of himself
huwwe muu waaseq iktiir min 7aalo. himself = 7aalo.
waaseq, however, is a new word for me.
He is not ____ very of himself.
واسق كتير

On the surface , superficially

Be sure not to forget your umbrella.
My guess diir baalak ma btinsa $$amsiyya tab3ak
The answer: diir baalak maa tinsa #amsiitak. Note that it’s not $amsiyyatak, just $amsiitak. Nice. I knew about this phenomenon already.

Georgetown Ch. 1 Exercise 1.1, 1.2

أصر والدي حينها على شرط إكمال تعليمي في عقد الزواج ليكون كل شيء واضحا وجليا أمام الطرفين قبل الزواج

my try:

My father insisted that I learn about wedding vows so that everything would be crystal clear for both parties before making the commitment.

[not sure what حينها is supposed to mean… Then? at that time?]


I left the clock on my desk while speaking with ___ to send him to you and ___ information about Churchill to you. (?????)

Include? Guarantee?

Ok… Churchill Bek, not “to you”. This is annoying.

تضمين to make it include.

An hour ago I left a letter on my desk so that it would be sent to you, and you could add to it some information about Churchill Bek. [no, this is clearly wrong]

This hour ?

I just left an envelope on my desk which is ready to be mailed to you. I included in it some information about Churchill Bek.


another attempted translation

لقد تم دخول موكلي المواطن مختار حمود الشبوطي إلى إحدى المستشفيات العامة في عدن لإجراء عملية استئصال الزائدة الدودية

My client Mukhtar Hamood Al-Shabuti was admitted to one of the general hospitals in Aden to undergo an appendectomy

Literally: removal of the worm-like extra.