Iraqi Arabic, fus7a stuff, etc etc

مقهور = sad (ID)

also مشتت (from VIII?) is distracted, hm!!!! how do I even say this thing. moshtatt? and then how to say the transitive verb?

يمك close to you (ID) , like a grocery store is near you (قريب منك in fus7a)

طارئ is an adjective.

Remember damage تلف in the lung? أتلف IV means to damage, ruin destroy (trans.)

تنقية المياه Water purification (makes sense, II maSdar)

ديون is the plural of debt دين

نظام الجداري is meritocracy, which makes sense because جدير is like … valuable I think. meritorious??! Who knows.

متطرف is extremist while I think متشدد is… fundamentalist? Or is that أصولي? Maybe متشدد is like… Hmm… Bigot? Demogogue?

مضادis not like ضد because the former requires ل – for example anti-aircraft مضاد للطائرات or something like that.

رائد = pioneer. plural رُوّاد

تطهير عربي ethnic cleansing (ok , so عرق is race OR ethnicity)

Also recall مطهر antiseptic.

Ah, and what did I practice today? Sedative? مهدئات or مهدئيات? Probably the former

development (adj., like in an NGO´s title) إنمائي

So إنماء must be something like تنمية or تطوير

stuff to work on

Differnece between أكد and تأكد (II and V) – I am guessing it is to confirm/reassure vs. to be sure.. The latter , V, is perhaps more useful as an AP متأكد. Can it be transitive? Anyway, مؤكد is confirming underscoring emphasizing. Interesting. II.

¨Look into” نظر ب — I´ll look into it. بنظر به (my guess based on the dictionary)

لا يعد is passive ¨uncountable¨ – Note that its also geminated. يعدّ because root is ع د د  but reast assured, it´s I. Just passive tho.

مذكرات is memories… Not ذكريات. That is something else that I cant remember right now.

the most effective is literally the most effectiveness-ly. Remember to follow up with a NOUN in other words.


DLI Syrian

ساند – III to support
verbal noun مساندة
AP مساند

حضرتك تلميذ؟ are you a student?
وياك جليل You are speaking to Jaleel (start of phone convo)
لا بد ما يلتقي we must meet (note the use of ما to buffer the verb there  – NOT negating it)
Think of fus7a لا بد أنْ – but here, the particle ما is instead used.

بدنا نقابل النقيب we want to see/meet the captain (don´t worry, it doesnt mean interview)
ممنونك كتير – thank you very much

قابل to meet with (no prep needed ! III!)

eemta tara´´a?
when did u get promoted?
ايمتى ترقّى