Some fus7a from Routledge

طلبتُ مرارا منك تعليق أنشطتك
I repeatedly asked (of) you suspension of your activities (to suspend your activities)

تحمُّل مشاق العمل
bearing (to bear) the difficulty of the work

علاقة إنسان بجماد
the relationship of a human being to an inanimate object

يسمح لنفسه بأنْ يعمل شيئاً بهذه البساطة
He permits himself to do something with such ease.

إلا إذا اعترفت  بهذا
unless you recognize this (ب goes un-translated)

تسديد الفاتورة paying the bill

السب خاتم الزواج
Wear [your] wedding ring

خلافات بينه و عشائر الأنبار
disagreements between him and the clans of Anbar (عشيرة singular? I think)

9. Your friend who could not abandon you
الذي من المستحيل أن يتخلى عنك
(عن! really!)

أعطاه لرجل
He gave it to a man.

نأمُل أن تتغير الظروف
We hope that the circumstances change.
Note that يأمل can be followed by أنْ and actually perhaps it’s more appropriate than the more realistic أنّ (more indicative i guess, not so subjunctive, and the declentions show it..)

12 Chum up to that #11 seriously, I need to learn that one better. Seems awkward in my head. WE hope that THEY. WE that THEY.

مِن الذي سيضرب العود Who will play the oud? (who [it is] that will play the oud)

For this one I will actually just remind myself that… I know more words than I actively use. Be gutsy and make mistakes, keep those words flowing around up there. Don’t shy away. فرّج is to show? Who knows, try it out!!!!

14. اضطراب getting upset, becoming upset, surging, probably also becoming disordered (even in a psych sense)

كل أبعاد الموضوع
all the dimensions of the subject (iDaafa)

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