That wheelchair thing

بشكل آمن – but I”m not sure about aamXn… Like which short vowel. I’m fretting these short vowels lately.

independently بصورة مستقلة

repair إصلاح – Ok. I might be a little better than I think. I knew this one. Note, it”s a maSdar form IV. But what is form IV like in amiyya??? Does the Damma stick around? Yikes.

manual دليل

proof دليل OR إثبات SWEEEEEET I knew that one too.
proof of address دليل على العنوان

different models [of wheelchair] نماذج مختلفة
are u sure I can’t say أنماط مختلفة؟ Hm.

has been repaired
تم إصلاحه or تم إصلاحها

The machine has been repaired. الجهاز لديه تم إصلاح whoa whaaaaa

موضع قدم footplate (literally foot place)

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