قطع إلى نصفين cut in half. So cutting a pill/tablet in half… What was pill… قرص؟ أقراص؟  or was that ¨to sting¨? Agh. If you want to say something was cut in half, use passive. قُطعت إلى نصفين. Or PP: مقطوع. Anyway, you get the picture.

primary care physician – very very very useful and important for me. طبيب الرعاية الأولية

or you can say الرعاية الأساسية\

Inflammation التهاب or الاتهاب. I´m not seeing any meaningful difference between the two. I vs. VIII.

Labwork الأعمال المخبرية or أعمال طب or تحليل even, by itself! In a medical context, all 3 work!

a COURSE of antibiotics: جرعات من المضادات الحيوية So clearly جرعات is the word I´m looking for. What could it mean… Why is it plural… Installments? Hm.

Lesion آفة

Slipper نعال or حذاء . But نعال seems more accurate, more specific.

Now I´ll do 10 from the Jordanian colloquial dictionary, focusing on reinforcing rather than learning new stuff:

  1. sore throat = التهاب الحلق … التِهاب الحلق
  2. rotten tooth تسوُّس أسنان
  3. prescription روشتة works instead of وصفة… Good to know.
  4. smell الشم. Whoa, I thought رائحة. This is not review at all.
  5. stomach ache وجع في المعدة
  6. جلطة دماغية stroke. Aha! دماغ is brain.
  7. Stool بُراز (feces I assume)
  8. side effect أثر جانبي (i thought عرض جانبي)
  9. sinus infection التهاب الجيوب
  10. immunity المناعة
  11. breast cancer سرطان الثدي I wonder if ثدي is actually an adjective, mammary
  12. blood transfusion نَقِل دم
  13. anemia (poverty of the blood) فقر دم
  14. breathing hard ضِيق نَفَس
  15. A second word for bruise كَدمة
  16. A second word for cold رشِح
  17. deaf أطرش
  18. clinical death موت سريري (bed death, I guess)
  19. CPR تنفُّس صناعي (artificial breathing)
  20. chicken pox جدري (apparently ماء isn´t vital)
  21. constipation إمساك
  22. diagnosis تشخيص
  23. earache وجع ذنين As I suspected ذنين is more popular than أذنان
  24. first aid اسعاف أولي
  25. filling (tooth) حشوِه
  26. dislocated خلع
  27. hereditary مرض وراثي (hereditary illness)
  28. infectious مُعدي
  29. laxative مسهِّل (an easer, basically. An easifier.)
  30. hemorrhage نزيف (whoah! nosebleed then is a nasal hemorrhage)
  31. hearing aid سماعة ذنين
  32. Headache alternative: وجع راس (in amiyya, the hamza goes bye bye)
  33. malignant tumor ورم خبيث
  34. Pain ألم or وَجَع
  35. pill حَبَّة
  36. pregnancy, the noun حَمِل
  37. patient مريض
  38. operating roomغرفة عمليات
  39. rash طفح جلدي
  40. scale for weight ميزان
  41. scale for height مقياس طول
  42. sedative (a calmer) مهدّئ
  43. sterilization (in which sense?) تعقيم
  44. stitch قُطبة or غُرزة
  45. scope (to see in someone´s body) تنظير
  46. thermometer ميزان حرارة (interesting, not مقياس!!!)
  47. tuberculosisسِل important word for me to know!!!
  48. vaccination تطعيم (ah yes, I know)
  49. wheelchair كرسي عجلات
  50. x-ray أشعة إكس ري
  51. swollen وَرَم
  52. unconscious/faint إغماء (what part of speech is this??? Looks like a noun!)
  53. vomit (two options) مراجعة (ha!) or استفراغ (hmmm_)
  54. to vomit يتقيأ (V) is listed as one of the 3 options. Yikes.
  55. tweezers ملقَط

I noticed something

I learn words better when I don´t just look at vocab lists, but I read translated articles and see the words in context. Sounds duh, but actually easy to forget.

يقرصون they sting (like bees)

قرصة bee sting

probably ok to say قرصة النحل also…

Now, onto translating a DLI FLC (or whatever it´s called, that army thing) phone conversation in Iraqi dialect. Here´s preliminary bits and pieces:

Good morning. Good morning. How´s your health? Thank God. And you how are you? Welcome to you. What´s yr news? By God, thank God. زي ماشيين ? or is it زين ماشيين? Something along the lines of good. شو بك ماكو؟ what the heck??? By God, nothing new / everything´s ok. ____ a little info about  for example, Baghdad, or any city. I mean, in Iraq. Its size? Its __? Yes. Architecture/buildings that are in it? Sure, like its size. By God, Baghdad is big. In it there´s about 7.8 million people. (سابعة وثمن ملايين شخص) I mean, you imagine the size, bigger even now (هسة – هالساعة) . Her streets (?) are nice, but currently you know بموجب الوضع  _______________ becomes ___________. Subject of water & electricity is a little ____ problem. You know this. Yes, I heard that electricity gets interrupted (not VII) for a long time. And people go days without electricity.

Yeah. And water ____________. Water, by God, is a problem_____________ very long (كُلش very) . Parks there? Like I said to you. This subject of parks , _____________. And even the موصلات, generally the utilities, there is not commitment to follow traffic lights – reliability of them? Trains. There are right now, based on the circumstances, في موجب الوضع . And there are اكو. In the north too. Very active كلش نشط. How I remember. Remember? How I remember. Yes. Very. By God. A long time, by God. How are the……. drivers سواقة. Driving? You want to marry. There is an instrumentجهاز؟؟. You can´t. There are… bicycles, by God, there are. But there aren´t utilities like other countries, like cable. There is what in every house. Telephones… Not very. Especially landlines. All people have cell phones. Most people use mobile نقال phones. Land lines are usually broken عاطل. They are the utilities. مدهورت Deteriorated, broken down. عراس  are there engagement parties, weddings, parties? My son´s wedding. 5 afternoon. After then, people are scared. So people don´t party late. Not lunch. Same hotel, but not dinner, lunch. Conditions are…

Before …. Concerts, classical concerts, pop concerts, I think so. Yes. There are .. Whats it called. Poetry… ??? And poets.. Contests.. Forums for poetry. Poetry slams. There´s nothing new with you? Same thing? Same thing . I tell you, I remember the restaurants are good. The food is still good. Kebab. مزدوف؟ somethign like that. Now the food is still good. ___ special. Not present (anywhere else?) . Close, but no cigar.

And lastly, some useful body part vocab:

بطِن abdomen (pl بطون)
ankle كاحل. المرأي النيبالية عانتي من وجع بالكاحل
arm ذراع or يد

back ظهر know it
قفى  buttocks
bald أصلع or أقرع
bladder مثانة
bone عظمة plural عظِم (ooh, weird)
marrow نُخاع so I guess u could say أُصيبت بسرطان النخاع
bowel أمعاء

on second thought, I´ll put these on Memrise.


Useful sentences and terms for work

ممكن تطلب منها تحكي شوي شوي
maybe you could request from her she speaks slower‎

ممكن تعيد كلامك بطريقة ابسط ؟
can you repeat what you said in a simpler way?‎

وين بتحس بوجع؟
where do you feel pain?‎

او وين بيجعك
where is hurting you?‎

ممكن تعيدي كلامك كمان مره ازه بتسمح /بتسمحي
can you repeat (f.) what you said another time [also a time] if ~ you don´t mind‎

عندك امراض مزمنة من قبل ؟عمليات ؟حساسية؟
do you have chronic diseases from before? surgeries? allergies?‎

بحاول انا ساعدك اد ما بقدر
I will try to help you  [as much as?] I can

Here´s what I remember off the top of my head from Fun EZ Learn:
  • عضلات muscles
  • صداع نصفي splitting headache / migraine
  • قرحة ulcer
  • طفح جلدي rash
  • غثيان nausea
  • يتقيأ he throws up
  • رضفة kneecap (I think )
  • مرض مزمن chronic disease
  • داء سكري or just سكري diabetes
  • جلطة stroke
  • نوبة قلبية heart attack
  • إسهال diarrhea
  • برد a cold
  • صرع epilepsy (fits, attacks, ataques en espanol)

What I want to know:

over-the-counter medication علاج بدون وصفة طبية
primary care provider
urgent care
emergency room غرفة طوارئ I think
throat حنجرة
استهدف to target (the way medications target disease)
تؤدي عملها عن طريق they work by [then maSdar] – this is a tad confusing to me. Why not just say تعمل عن طريق!!
Multiple Sclerosis مرض التصلب اللويحي multiple sclerosis
شعرة a strand of hair (that´s what ة does, of course)

Now I am gonna try to translate some stuff. But frankly, I think listening is way harder than what I am doing, so this may not be the best way to practice…


Antibiotics. Antibiotics are drugs that work by killing bacteria or by preventing them from proliferating. They help your body´s immune system (جهاز مناعة في جسمك) fight bacterial infections. Your doctor will choose the variety of antibiotic that kills the bacteria causing your ailments.And he may ___ a ___ test for you to find out the specific type of bacteria, ~because knowing the type of bacteria that causes your infection helps your doctor to choose the best antibiotic course for you.

Disabled ppl : العاجزون/المعاقون/ذوي إعاقة
more often: أحيانا كثيرة
self breast awareness: الدراية الذاتية بالثديين (from درى , maSdar I assume, then self is ذاتي, then there is the dual for breast ثدي and ثديين )
categories of distress أنواع من الألم

أمراض غير معدية non communicable diseases

Good banking words for work

ميزانية budget

كاش cash

ِATM card بطاقة صرّاف آلي

balance رصيد

blank check شك على بياض

debt دَين

checkbook دفتر شكات

discount خَصِم

loan قَرض

interest فائدة

interest rate سِعر الفائدة

expense مصروف

monthly statement كشف الحساب الشهري

money مصاري

Useful legal document vocab for work

استمارة document/form

رُخصة سواقة driver´s license

current address of residence عنوان الإقامة الحالية

life insurance تأمين على الحياة

marital status حالة الإجتماعية (weird, looks like social status)

شهادة الزواج marriage certificate

gender الجنس

تأريخ الميلاد date of birth (for some reason I mixed up عنوان and تاريخ in my head!)

ID card هوية

place of birth مكان الميلاد

occupation المِهنة

visa تأشيرة

rent contract عقد الإيجاز (very very useful)

replacement form بدل فاقد

social security ضمان إجتماعي (i mean… I think it´s اجتماعي actually)

picture ID صورة شخصية

resident alien card (= green card?) تصريح إقامة (statement of residence, I guess)


لهجة عراقية

He wants to know about the size of Baghdad.
كبيرها سابعة ملايين شخص 7 million people
المياه والكهرباء Utilities, infrastructure. كلش means what?? I forgot.
موصلات? Hm…
Services. Traffic lights. Baghdad needs a little more order. أكو I´m hearing a LOT now. اكو و ماكو. There is, there isn´t. Planes. بصرى ، بجنوب . Then الشمال.
I hear that /ch/ a lot too.
لا أدري I don´t know (I think??)
هدول = these?
Wow, more /ch/. That´s confusing a bit.
Marriage. Your desire. Bicycles, motorcycles.
حدمات؟ خدمات?

غير بلدان Other countries.

زي is like.
موبيل cell phone.
عاطل – broken? unemployed? Can´t remember . Out of order, I think.

عراس = weddings I think.

٥ عصر = 5 in the afternoon

Now they are talking about traditions, marriage, lunch, concerts, Classical Music, folk…
شارعي؟ . No شعرية something like poetry related.

منتدات شعرية poetry forums / competitions?

مطاعم restaurants

وهاي = and such (I think)

I really must get used to اكو = there is.

مثل ما قلت (the final t was quiet, mithl ma gill, almost – ooh , maybe it´s ¨as they say¨)

شغلات things, or jobs? context I guess.

خدمات utilities, I think!! In this context.

الله كريم God is generous.

These audio conversations are what I should be listening to, and also using HelloTalk a lot.


د as حتى in Iraqi

I´ m going to the cafe to drink tea.
رايح للكهفة د أشرب شاي (more like chai not shai)

Unrelated thing, بعدين وياك (after with you) is used to mean , ¨What am I going to do with you?¨

هلق بيجي = he will be here shortly (interesting!)

And here´s a useful chart for this يا business:

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 12.24.14 PM

Iraqi dialect

إشكد comes from إيش and قد ! I think the ك is pronounced as a hard /g/. Oh, and قد actually arises from قدر in MSA, volume/quantity/amount/sum. قد in this sense isn´t apparently an MSA word. Good to know.

خوش فكرة means good idea. خوش is like منيح

شلونك is pronounced differently and spelled differently for a woman. shlonich (like itch).

It stands for إيش + color + your. Not شو, but إيش. Which is odd since I thought إيش goes with verbs, not nouns. Whatever.

Remember that ق may get pronounced as /g/ and spelled as ك. It happens.

باجِر is tomorrow instead of bikra or bukra.

أكو = يوجد =في

so ماكو (no hamza) = there´s not.

إشميكون = whatever might be, whatever is there. But it´s further shortened to إشماكو

ممكن تعمل معي معروف = would you do me a favor (معروف)?

هلق اجى = he has just come – now he came. Interesting.

همينَ = أيضا = كمان in Iraqi (just هَم is allowed too)

A useful tidbit re: pronunciation

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 11.35.16 PM

Refugee Health Screener vocab

الفرز الصحي health screener

bones العظام

sudden fear رعب مباغت (PTSD symptom) (I would have guessed فوري)

calmness سكينة (I thought سكون! Maybe that´s an adjective!)

Distress thermometer مقياس حدة الضائقة

Inability to sit still عدم القدرة على الثبات

Shakiness inside ارتجاف داخلي

Faintness إغماء

Dizziness دوخة

weakness ضعف

Please indicate يجرى الإشارة إلى

Reliving استعادة تذكرك ل (like remembering but more vivid I guess)

ردود فعل بدنية physical reactions

Breaking out in a sweat كثرة تصبب العرق (pouring itself? V?)

Rapid heartbeat سرعة دقات القلب Nice, heartbeats takes a sound fem. plural

انعدام المشاعر emotional numbness

Unable to have loving feelings غير قادر على الإحساس بمشاعر الحب

Jumpiness الآحتجاج

The condition of being easily startled (I think?) سرعة الآجفال

Someone walking behind you شخص يمشي ورائك

Things are good كل شيء على ما يُرام (as it should be)

Little/no distress عدم وجود ضاقة

I feel as bad as I ever have أشعر باستياء أشد من أي وقت مضى

literally: I feel badness(?) more severe than any time [that] passed [previously]

Unable to cope / face life issues غير  قادر على مواجهة كل الأمور

Below أدناه (??)

Do you feel that you are… هل تحس أنك

Liddicoat notepad CH 1 listening

´id3ash (like eee)
tlet 3ash
´arb3at 3ash
seb3at 3ash
tment 3ash


Transcribing numbers

trauma صدمة (shock)


9am lesson
Sunday & Tues. I think.
(this is a dictation exercise)
الساعة سابعة تمام exactly 7 o clock
يوم الأربِعة wednesday
يوم التنين Monday
يوم التلاتة Tues

هويتك your ID card, identification (ALSO, Identify)
اذا بتريد is polite , if you don´t mind
اذا بتريد even works when ordering a tea. Obviously not literal