banking terms – and other Pimsleur

حساب جاري checking acct
دفعة أولى down payment
إغلاق حساب closing an account
حوالة مصرفية bank transfer
وديعة deposit
كشف حساب account statement
فائدة interest
قرض loan
بطاقة صرف ATM card
سعر الفائدة interest rate
قرض رهني home equity loan (isnt رهينة hostage??)
قرض مصرفي bank loan
كُوة الصراف  bank window / teller (either???)
دفتر شيكات checkbook (simple enough) (shikkaat is the pronunciation, not sheekaat)
نسبة مئوية percentage rate
انخفاض القيمة depreciation (nice!! simple – قيمة is just qeema, not qayyama of course)
تضخّم inflation
عملية مصرفية bank transaction (doesnt have to be surgery, clearly – can even be ¨process¨

News stand / bookstore

مجلة magazine
رسوم كاريكاتورية comic book
دليل سياحي tourist guide (book or person, I think, but here they mean book. مرشد is the person for sure)
خريطة طريق road map
كتاب أطفال children´s book (no preposition?!? weird)
قصة بوليسية mystery story (police story)
تاريخ محلي local history
وصْلة انترنت internet connection

عرض لكتاب book review (like… exposition sorta .. hm)
كتاب بغلاف سميك hardcover (thick cover) book
طلب خاص special order
قصة خُرافية fairy tale
calendar رُزنامة (whaaaa)

[Lesson 16 in reading material for Pimsleur Syrian]
¨Come on! ¨ or ¨Stop it!”  = حاجة بَأة  so it´s like 7aja b
معلولا a place in Syria where Aramaic is STILL SPOKEN, wow
دير = monastery
amphitheatre doesnt have to be مدرّج , it can just be مصرح (stage)
This lesson 16 had some interesting kinda stuff, would be nice to follow up on the locations in Syria.

here´s #18 notes:
عمر أبو ريشة important Syrian and Arab poet
حافظ الأسد first name is spelled Hafez in English. Hm. Bashar´s father, ruled for 30 years I think.
Look into the Rahbany Brothers. In Arabic: الأخوان رحباني
And Saba7 Fakhry too.صباح فخري
And novelist Hanna Mina. حنا مينا
Adonis too..أدونيس experimental poet? I know I´ve heard him mentioned.

تسعة عشرة
Expressions for special occasions
تهانينا congratulations!
تمنياتنا بشفاء عاجل get well soon (think أتمنى V)
الله معك Goodbye (lit. May God be with u)
مستحيل = no way!
بصحتكن to your health / cheers! (bisa77itkon)
طابَ يومك have a good day
روِّق! = cheer up!

what a pity! يا حرام الشوم
come on! يلا
على طائر الميمون have a good trip (who is Maimoun?)
موفّق ان شاء الله (note that the ق is hamza here)   May God make you succeed (like ¨break a leg¨)
دير بالك على حالك take  good care of yourself (what´s دير – direct? related to دوّر? hm)
عقبال ميت سنة (something about 100 years) Happy birthday (¨A hundred more years like this one¨)
انتبه Watch out
يا ريت! I wish!

Okay for LEsson 20 I def. wanna make a visual course on Memrise for it. Syrian dishes.

Pimsleur Syrian stuff! DLI Iraqi too

معجون أسنان toothpaste
ورق تواليت toilet paper
آلة حلاقة كهربائية electric shaver
حوض bathtub (بانيو works too)
منشفة towel
مجفّف شعر hairdryer
مغسلة sink
عطر perfume
بودرة أطفال baby powder
بُرنُس bathrobe
اسفنجة sponge
مرآة mirror (sounds like mir´aa´)
mouthwash مطهّر فم (or ميات غرغرة as I found earlier) – so basically مطهّر is antiseptic
رغوة حلاقة shaving foam
مُزيل رائحة deodorant
طاقية حمام shower cap

´ara´ read (imperative)

برقية wire (electronic transfer)
ختم hand stamp / rubber stamp
طابع postage stamp (sounds just like taab3)
فواتير للدفعbills paid at the post office
توفير البريد   post office savings account (hmm… It looks to me like distribution/spreading of mail…odd)
ساعي بريد postman (weird)
إيصال receipt
وصل استلام return receipt
يقف بالصف to stand in line
موظف بريد post office clerk
يوقّع he signs (makes his signature) (in amiyya it can also be يُمضي – imperative اُمضي)

phone conversation
وياك جليل you´re talking to Jaleel
شلون صحة something you say in the start of the conversation
الله يخليك – God keep you – I don´t have to respond to this
بصورة عامة in a general sense

دشداشة one piece clothing/robe thing worn by both men and women, when I look at it I immediately think of the Gulf countries. But women elsewhere probably wear it too. And religious men elsewhere too. I´ll have to read up more later.

زين؟ okay? understood?
ألوان براق bright colors
هيك شغلات  does this mean ¨these things¨ or ¨things like this¨ ?
مو مقبول not accepted
اجتماعيا socially (^ socially not accepted)

هاي شغلات these things

ما اعتقد I don´t think [so]. In Iraq don´t have to say بعتقد, leave out the ب
Remember اقول لك is said, Agool lak.
شوية غير مقبولة not exactly accepted… a little bit unacceptable.
خليك – continue as you are. Keep going. Stay that way. I think

زواجتي – I know he was referring to women, wives, but I don´t know this form. I thought زوجات probably would be how wives is said.

حسب رغبتهم according to their desires (women´s, I think, so note that formal هنّ is not used here in amiyya)

قطن is pronounced goton.

هسة – now (هالساعة)

بالظبط – retains the ظ as fus7a, not Z here.

هلا بك – instead of ahlan bik.

baajir = tomorrow. Not بكرة. Interesting. So… ك inside a word can still shift.

Syrian terms, etc.

خيار  (cucumber)
فُلفُل pepper (not the Dammas)
خلّ vinegar (remember that saying about the worm in the vinegar)
فطايِر pies
زُبدة butter

folder مصنّف
mouthwash ميات غرغرة
mucus مخاط
naked عريان
tenant مستأجر
tentatively مبدئياً
vertebra,vertebrae فُقرة، فقرات
virgin بنت بكَّر

His health shows visible improvement
صحته فيها تحسن ملحوظ

at what age.. على أي عمر

قطار شحن freight train (like a truck)

بسافر درجة أولى بس
I travel in 1st class only

reserved محجوز (I would have thought مخصص)

مقصورة نوم sleeping compartment
عربة نوم sleeper car
عربة أكل dining car

آمر المحطة head of the station
جدول مواعيد train schedule
الرجاء عدم الوقوف No standing please.

نصف تذكرة child´s fare

جابي conductor of a train

Hotel terms:

غرفة رياضة gym
غرفة مع منظر room with a view
غرفة مع فطور bed & breakfast
إيضاظ wake-up call
بركة سباحة swimming pool
صالون حلاقة hair salon
كونسييرج concierge
عدم الإزعاج Do not disturb
تحضير الغرفة making up the room
فندق خمس نجوم five-star hotel

Syrian dialect

ممنونك كتير I´m very thankful to you; thx
تتمرّ بمخفر الشرطة you pass the police station (like تتجاوز kinda, I think)
ما بيغلّط بتعرفه من شكله it won´t mess you up from knowing it from its shape. It wont cause you to err in knowing it from its shape. [you know it]

OK, so literally it is ¨he does not make a mistake¨ – but it is understood also to mean It can´t be missed [it can´t make a mistake I guess]

4 ways to say turn right in SD [syrian dialect]:
لفّ عالشمال
دوّر عالشمال
حوّل عالشمال
بروم عالشمال (what the heck kinda verb is this)

بتريد كمان is how you say do you want some more — wider scope than ايضاً
don´t say بتريد أكثر؟ (apparently)

ت = حتى in SD. So راح تيُدرس طب = He went in order to study medicine!! tyudrus

مكتب = office. Don´t forget… What´s desk? مكتب also??

مدير مصلحة المي = office of the chairman of the water department . So dept can be مصلحة, interesting.

خود  = take , spelled in amiyya way.

الاسانسير = elevator. Or مصعد , I´m quite certain.

ارمة فوق الباب sign over the door.

ناوي = intending (AP) – remember نوي أن intended to?

شنو actually breaks down to ايش + نو and نو is the Iraqi way to say هو!!!!! And frankly Iraqis say ش not ايش. Dont ever use شنو before a verb, only nouns.

Who is it =منو rather than مين هو. They smash up.

How much do you like Arab food? اشكد يعجبك الاكل العربي pronounce the ك like a /g/ I think.

What is in the kebab? شنو اللي بالكباب؟

Is there or isnt there tea? أكو والا ماكو جاي؟
ako wala mako chay?

diseases and stuff

شيخوخة or خرب alzheimers
ألم بالمفاصل joint pain (joints pain)
قياء throwing up but in amiyya استفراغ (emptied himself) – استفرغت she threw up
عم يدوخ is said 3am eedookh – he is getting/feeling dizzy
disorders اضطرابات (VIII maSdar)
اضطرابات معوية intestinal disorders
sweating تعرّق
itching الحكة
symptoms of problems – أعراض لمشاكل – WOW ل  is a surprise. It´s just good style I think to break up an iDaafa when it gets to be too long or convoluted.
تحسسية allergy-related (V)
سع حشارات insect bites
تهيج جلدي skin irritation
الإغماء fainting (think مُغمي عليه)
suggests an illness تدلّ على مرض
التعب المتواصل persistent fatigue
الدوار dizziness — interesting. So 2 words work i guess
الحُمى fever
بلغم phlegm
produce a lot of phlegm رطبا or مصاحبا بالبلغم (linked to or owning of a lot of phlegm)
low red blood cell count انخفاض تعداد الكريات الحمراء (feminine ¨red¨ looks like this)
التهاب (VIII i think) inflammation — or infection.
Fever has a shadda.
one of them أولها
common شائع
فحص دوري checkup
مراجعة examination I guess
مُعدي infectious

Iraqi DLIFLC, Syrian dialect etc…

تربية He´s talking about the way kids are raised these days.
Remember ك turns to /ch/ only at the start of words! And perhaps not all? Eh, all…
How would I say ¨I let you do this¨ in Syrian dialect:
HE wouldn´t let me do it. ما خالاني ساويها
Will the customs officials let us pass موظفين الجمرُك بيخلّونا نمرُق
we pass = نمرُق (with the qaf turned to hamza) nemro´ — Weird. Unfamiliar.
ما كان هال___في سابق These things weren´t there before
صار لي this was the introduction to the sentence ¨I haven´t ____ in a long time¨
I guess the time has happened to me since I did it last. Became for me, to me.
ناحية and then another word – but he didn´t pronounce the taa marbutta. Hm.
أهل is ehl, not ahl.
شلون works for ¨how¨ in ANY questions!!! Even just ¨شلون؟¨ on its own!!
سنين for years ; not سنوات. Pimsleur reinforced the same point.
باقيين – they are staying? Hm. Maybe.
نسبيا Relatively speaking
كركوك and سليمانية these are محافظتين. One is in north-central, the other northeast Iraq. Thx Memrise.
مع أسف rather than للآسف
شو ساوي – what does this mean? What do I mean? What do I do? What can I do? What can he do?
كيف حيطبّق القانون How will he enforce the law (or apply – keep in mind the maSdar´s other mean, app)
Oh btw, how do I say a paper application? طلب!!!! Not تقديم – thats presentation, providing, submitting, etc.

لعد = إذا in Iraqi (and other notes)??

If you don´t like dolma then eat kabab.
اذا ما تحب الدولمة لعد اكل كباب

We went to the restaurant to eat, what else?
رحنا للمطعم دناكل لعد شنو؟

It means ¨then¨ not ¨if¨… The title of this doesn´t seem right. But FSI says it. Then or therefore.

It´s more like ف , the 2nd part of a اذا conditional phrase.

لهنا  = preposition + demonstrative noun . OFten in Iraqi dialect you change the إلى to ل. Yep I kinda knew that. And add a ك to هنا to show distance (like in MSA).

شكو اشماكو or شكو ماكو = what´s up? (why the maa??? Couldnt u just say شكو + اكو)

اشكد السعر = how much is the price
اشكد حسابك how much is the [your] bill
اشكد الوكت what is the time
اشكد عندك how much do you have
the more you study the better اشكد ما تدرس اشكد ما يكون احسن

past perfect: Ali has eaten. In MSA you can use قد for this (plus past) but in ID you actually use AP: علي ماكِل (interesting!!!!!!!!!)

I have put sumac on the kebab آني حاط السماك عالكباب (AP once again, حاط)

Note that in MSA this´d be قد حطَطْتُ

Try saying نقدر like nagdar sometimes. Just try..
gamr moon
wagit time
saguf roof
oorag papers (they say single, but I think it´s plural)

عوامل خطر risk factors = factors of risk/danger

تسبب جفافا أقل الجسم = less dehydrating = it causes dehydration less  of the body (is this false iDaafa?)

حالات or أوضاع حادة acute conditions

Dont forget to use the active participle often instead of the verb… جاي I/you/he is coming. And note that جاية is pronounced just the same. Exactly.